VCE Unit 2 Physics: Motion and Electricity and Extended practical investigation

This VCE unit consists of two prescribed areas of study:



plus an Extended Practical Investigation into an aspect of either Motion, Electricity or in some special cases, into a special area of study described by one of the twelve Detailed Studies.


Outcome 1:  Students should be able to investigate, analyse and mathematically model the motion of particles and bodies.

Outcome 2:  Students should be able to investigate and apply a basic DC circuit model to simple battery-operated devices and household electrical systems, apply mathematical models to analyse circuits, and describe the safe and effective use of electricity by individuals and the community.

Outcome 3: Students should be able to design and undertake an investigation of a physics question related to the scientific inquiry processes of data collection and analysis, and draw conclusions based on evidence from collected data.

Please note: this subject is only run in Semester 2, and the necessary foundations need to be covered in Semester 1. VCE Unit 2 Physics is a pre-requisite for VCE Unit 3 and 4 Physics.



Area of study tests

Practical reports

Summary report on selected practical activities

Extended practical investigation poster

Semester exam