Materials Science

Curriculum Focus

Are you interested in knowing more about the “stuff” around you and what “stuff” may be made of in the future? Materials Science is a multidisciplinary subject that draws on areas of chemistry, physics and engineering. The subject focuses on the exploration of material properties and the future of materials science, with a particular emphasis on additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Students can expect a “hands on” approach to learning ranging from the use of models and simple practical activities through to student designed experiments. A feature of the course is the opportunity for students to design their own product prototype using a user-friendly CAD program and have it 3D printed.

Through our links with Monash University School of Materials Science and Engineering, students will be exposed to traditional and cutting edge technologies in the field of materials science, and hear from researchers at the tops of their fields.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the link between the structure of a material and its properties;

Understand and investigate key mechanical properties of materials;

Explore traditional and advanced materials and methods used to produce them. There will be an emphasis on additive manufacturing (3D printing);

Develop an understanding of the processes involved in designing products;

Use CAD to design a product prototype for production via 3D printing;

Consider the ethical implications of materials used in modern society;

Design and carry out practical activities in a safe manner.



Prototype design project

Research and practical task writeup              

Weekly lesson reflections          

Topic tests