Multi Device Program

A multi device solution provides the most flexibility for learning at John Monash Science School. Students may bring any combination of Windows, Apple, Chromebook and Linux platform devices to support their learning.

Students are required to bring two digital devices to school, fully charged each day. The primary device (for example laptop or notebook computer) will serve as the student's "main" computer, while the secondary device (for example tablet, iPad or smartphone) will serve to capture learning, take photos and videos, and gain access to digital content subscription services.

JMSS is wirelessly networked for all laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones. Students have access to a huge range of internet sites, email, applications such as calendars and collaborative resources, and particularly coursework sites custom-built by JMSS teachers for using both in and outside of class. Both students and teachers alike at JMSS are always learning. Students might use iPads for reading from while typing into their laptop. Laptops are great for holding large amounts of data, while iPads offer quick start time. IPads are also useful for taking photos and video of experiments.

The school library is largely online as well, with students able to use e-books (electronic books) as well as (or in place of) traditional paper textbooks to complement their study. This gives students flexibility in where and how they study, as well as reducing the weight of carrying several textbooks for multiple subjects. 

Purchasing devices

All information will be given out at New Student information nights. It is at our parents’ discretion whether to buy devices with upgraded specifications. The school strongly recommends purchasing insurance and an appropriate case or protective cover in order to protect devices from damage.

Previous programs

Students in Year 10, 11 and 12 use both laptop computers and iPads in many of their classes. Laptops have previously been provided for a 3-year loan, and are returned when students finish at JMSS. This program funding has not been continued into 2015.

The school-issued laptop allows students to utilise the productivity software provided by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development while the iPad provides students with a level of flexibility, creativity and mobility not previously possible. The combined screen real estate of the iPad and laptop increases the digital desktop available to students and allows them to work more effectively. Different workflows and activities will now be possible as a result of students having both iPad and laptop.