Science Fairs

JMSS gives the opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in Science at two large forums each year;   the JMSS Science Exhibition Evening in May and the JMSS Science Fair in October. Both events are an amazing showcase of student investigation and research in Science, and are attended by parents, teachers, local schools, Monash academics and members of the wider community.

The annual JMSS Science Fair in October is an exciting event in the life of the School.

Students from Years 10 to 12 are involved in the Fair in variety of ways; presenting research projects, taking primary student on tours, welcoming distinguished guests and family members, setting up the exhibit spaces, capturing photographs or videos, running the fund-raising BBQ and entertaining us with their exquisite music.

What the Science teachers are particularly proud of is the way the students have developed their research and analytical skills throughout the year and shown initiative with how they have approached their various projects.

The projects range in topics including Engineering, Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Geological Sciences. Each student has prepared an exhibit that reflects work they have carried out at JMSS, in particular, all 200 Year 10 students present their Extended Experimental Investigation - an open-ended, student-selected investigation that is the culmination of a year-long project.

The Enrichment Science are also strongly represented at the fair, including an extremely broad range of innovative, cutting edge Science Electives taught at JMSS. We are also always excited to have local primary school students presenting projects they have worked on with their JMSS mentors in the ‘Little Scientists, Big Science’ program.

Also presenting at the Fair are the students from rural Victoria, returning to JMSS after being involved at the Regional Exchange with JMSS, having had an extended stay with host families and being immersed in JMSS life earlier in the year. Students that have represented JMSS in various international fairs also present their projects at the annual JMSS Science Fair.

The JMSS Science Fair is a magnificent celebration of student work in Science, and we thank the remarkable Science teaching staff and laboratory support staff for their work. Congratulations to all students involved in the Fair.