JMSS Diploma

The JMSS Diploma acknowledges and rewards the development of important skills and attributes as outlined in the school’s Learner Developmental Framework. The Diploma provides recognition for the achievements of our students outside of the classroom including leadership, service, sport, performing arts, competitions and the co-curricular program.

The school believes that these skills and attributes are important in the education and growth of the highly capable leaders and pioneers in science that JMSS produces. The Diploma champions the development of the whole person, not only their academic achievement and will complement the Victorian Certificate of Education.

The JMSS Diploma is a three year journey designed to inspire, nurture and challenge students to become the best they can be.

Students will receive the JMSS Diploma at the end of their three years at JMSS along with their VCE certificate.

Starting at Year Ten, the JMSS Diploma aims to encourage and inspire students to:

  • Lead balanced, enriched and passionate lives;
  • Develop as well-rounded individuals with a broad range of skills, perspectives and interests;
  • Fully develop their interests, strengths and capacities;
  • Gain recognition for student-driven initiatives, talents, strengths and service;
  • Foster broad academic interests.

The JMSS Diploma is organised under the UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Learning; with the Learning to Know Pillar providing the foundation of student achievement in the other three Pillars. The type of activities for which students will be awarded credits includes the following:



Learning To Be

Learning To Live Together

Learning To Do

School Captain

Sport Team (Divisional)

JMSS Co-Curricular

School Vice-Captain

Sport Team (Zone)

Aust. BrainBee Challenge

School Captain Short listing

Sport Team (State)

Australian Maths Comp (VCE)

School Vice-Captain Short listing

Great Victorian Bike Ride

Science Olympiads

Student Parliament Sub-committee

Swimming Carnival

Titration Competition

House & Vice Captain

Athletics Carnival

Burkard Maths Circle

Year 10 Peer Mentor/ Buddy

World Challenge

DAV debating

Music Captains

Supercomputing Conference

JMSS Science Fair- CORE (EEI)

A/V Logistics Team

International trips

ICAS Science(VCE)

Hosting Regional/International Students

School Magazine Committee

Instrumental Music Tuition

Buddy to regional students

School ensemble performance


Open Night ushers

Ensemble Practice


House LTB Award- (Presentation Night)

Spring Soiree


Harmony Day Workshop presentation

Music Lessons


Year 10 Interview Assistance

Battle of the bands


Year 12 Tutor/ Mentor Program



Community Service

Music Camp


Interact Member (Young Rotarians)