Work Experience

All year 10 students are required to participate in the Work Experience Program. The Work Experience Program is part of the school’s educational program where students experience working life, often for the first time. Year 10 students find placements within industries that they want to explore and find out more about. They spend 1 week with an employer, to provide insight into the industry and the workplace in which they are located, observe what employers are doing and duties of the job. Students are placed with employers primarily to observe, learn and ask questions. Most students get to participate in hands-on projects.

JMSS assists students with finding placements as well as encouraging students to find their own placement in an area they are interested in exploring. Some of the organisations we deal with and assist students in finding a placement in are Monash University, Agilent Technologies, Swinburne Uni, Pathology Labs, The Ritchie Centre - Institute of Medical Research, ARNI, Conservation Volunteers and many more.

Students usually participate in placements at the end of Term 2. Students are encouraged to look for a placement towards the end of Year 9 and early Year 10.